As I discussed previously, the first part of getting my aquaponics garden going involves constructing a plywwod fish tank and a growbed for the plants. Plywood might seem like an odd choice, what with it being wood and all - but this is actually well covered territory, with communities of people discussing their massive plywood fish tank builds. With the space I have, I'll obviously be building something a bit smaller... I'll be building a 22"x22"x22" cubic fish tank along with a 22"x16"x12" growing bed and a stand for holding the growing bed above the fish tank. A rough sketch:

I started off picking up some 3/4" plywood from my local Lowes and making an attempt at doing the cuts myself. With hand tools... Afterall, how hard could it be to cut in a straight line? Well, after trying and failing to get something satisfactory, I ended up just getting the cuts done at a local shop. It took like 5 minutes and only cost a few extra bucks - well worth it. Anyway, after applying some wood glue (I used Titebond III) and screwing everything together I ended up with something nice and sturdy.

Next up: water proofing. For this I opted to use a liquid rubber paint from Rubberizeit. Three coats of this and you'll have a nice waterproof rubber membrane stuck to pretty much whatever you are painting it on. Just make sure it isn't your skin or some nice clothing, since this stuff *really* sticks. Anyway, after a few coats of that (painted over several days) I ended up with something that will hold water very nicely.

Important: I should warn that RubberizeIt doesn't appear to store passwords securely - judging by the fact that I can simply request my password anytime and have it sent to my email. I let them know, but it doesn't appear they've changed anything yet. That said, the last I checked you could also order through Amazon.

It's all a little ugly, but with some sanding and some coats of paint (and a little "help" from the cats) it ends up looking pretty decent.

Next up I'll go over getting the plumbing working.