Random: Site Design

I have more or less finished fiddling with the look of the site and gotten it to a place I am happy with. I have tested the site out in the latest releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as Internet Explorer 7. The only one that still seems a little problematic is Internet Explorer, so I will have to get around to fixing that. One of my goals with this site is to learn a little more about various web technologies that I am largely in the dark about and so the process has certainly been educational.

There are a few things I might still want to tweak but for now I am resisting doing so since I know that there will always be that temptation to try and get it "perfect". At some point you have to stop and move on. What will I be moving on to? Well, probably one of the first things I will start doing is messing around with Javascript and the new canvas element - maybe I'll start convert some old school fire or plasma effect that I did when I first started messing around with graphics. At any rate, hopefully I'll start to get some more interesting content on here. :)