Random: GDC Day 1

Well, I finished up my first day of GDC and I thought I would post a tiny recap. I spent most of my time in the DX11 talks - though I missed the first half of it since I didn't fly down here until this morning. Still, I enjoyed what I saw - enjoying Johan Andersson's talk in particular, discussing some of the tech in the Frostbite 2 engine and in Battlefield 3. I always enjoy hearing about what sorts of things other games are doing (which makes me sad I missed the previous talks today, but it couldn't be helped) and I definitely found his comments on the multithreading stuff in DX11 maybe not being quite there yet to be interesting since I haven't really looked into that at all yet.

In general I would say the theme of the talks, at least from what I saw, was DirectCompute - really hammering home how cool and useful it is. Using it to simulate rigid bodies; to implement seperable filters; to do tile based deferred shading. Sadly, I don't really have any opportunity to mess around with stuff like DirectCompute in my daily work and I haven't really explored it in my spare time either - but I am thinking now that I'll probably spend some time tomorrow poking around with it. Should be fun.