I just posted this to my twitter, but since I don't really have that integrated into this blog yet I am going to go ahead and duplicate it here: Birds Caught in the Oil

This whole thing is really a terrible mess - it's hard to believe that the leak still has not even been stopped. Even after it is stopped there is going to be a huge mess to cleanup and a lot of people whose lives may never be the same. I guess at least it sounds like the current effort to cap the leak is starting to proceed more smoothly. Depressing.

Random: The Beginning


This post marks the beginning of a project to more fully engage myself in the web, sharing my thoughts, knowledge, interests and projects with others.  I believe very much in the power of the web to connect people and provide those people with a medium through which they can express themselves.  With this blog I hope to create a place where I can write out and clarify my thoughts and ideas, explore new realms of interest and share some of the projects I am working on.

You might be wondering why the site is called Divergent Coder.  The name comes from the fact that this site will more than likely focus on one of my primary areas of interest - coding.  I am a professional software engineer, developing video games for some five years now on all of the major consoles.  That said, I see myself as having a broad range of interests beyond just games and coding and I am hoping to integrate those into this site as well.  I also enjoy reading and engaging philosophy, mathematics, physics (well, science in general), politics, sports, and random bits of whatever catches my eye in the news.  I am also interested in exploring and developing my artistic eye - perhaps through photography or drawing, I am not really sure yet.

For now this site will be in a state of flux as I fiddle with it and get it working exactly as I would like it to.  It has been many years since I have done much of anything with any sort of web technology, so this should be an educational process.  Hopefully, I can turn this site in to something interesting and fun for at least some of you out there.